LED Light source


  •  Stable lumen maintenance kept at a constant level over 50.000 hours of operating time.
  •  Stable color temperature and smooth intensity control over the entire range of regulation starting  from 1% upto 100%. This  is comparable to traditional 350W Xenon Light Source.
  •  Long lifetime which ensures high quality and safety of operation.
  •  Wide range of supplying voltage starting from 100 upto 240V AC and immunity to voltage  fluctuations.
  •  Environment friendly.
  •  User interface equipped with highlighted buttons and corresponding icons to improve their  visibility in poorly lighted operating  rooms /theatres.
  •  Low power consumption in comparison to traditional halogen and Xenon Light sources.
  •  Ultra silent work that produces noise below 30 db.
  •  Does not emit UV or IR.
LED 1000 light source is an excellent product thanks to efforts of Divine R & D team. This breakthrough technology allows long life of LED as well as all benefits equivalent to a conventional xenon light souce.