Patient Data and Video Management Software

Promis Colposcopy software is a powerful IT tool in the hands of our busy gynaecologists to manage not only the videos, images, clinical data and details of the patients, but also to provide them an opportunity to store, edit, burn on CD or DVD, print the detailed reports and make use of graphical data for presentation in congresses, seminars etc.


Some of the key features are:

  • Compatible to Windows 7 (64-bit) / XP / Vista Operating Systems
  • Upgradable to new applications like medical / surgical termination of pregnancy (Video MTP) when used with compatible endoscopic cannulas.
  • Multi-language: Spanish, Greek, Deutsch, Portugese, English etc.
  • Remarkable LEEP / LEITZ operation reports, cryo-surgery, forensic examination of sexual assault cases and detailed colposcopy
  • Enormous level of live recording facility and image capturing at very high pixels simultaneously with just a click
  • Various KIND OF colposcopy video clippings, movies, images for reference and education purpose have been incorporated in the software
  • Footswitch for capturing and saving images
  • Software can be supported by our customer support team by use of remote support tools such as Team Viewer etc
  • Print out of reports with relevant details can be prepared for future follow-up of the patient

Comparison mode with linked images


Image library of more than 1000 images to compare the present image of the patient with the various kinds of images of different nature and disease. Thus you arrive at a fast conclusion & final diagnosis.


Auto Analysis


It is a perfect way to make your colposcopy procedure more perfect and precise.The generation of scores guides you to arrive at a diagnosis based on the selection of various parameters mentioned in the REID evaluation.


Forensic examination & sexual abuse


In the setting of a forensic examination following rape, child abuse etc., it allows practitioners to identify and photograph genital injury not readily visible to the unaided eye, thereby clarifying the location and extent of injury as well as providing evidence for court proceedings. The case can be recorded, documented and photographed. Magnified images of the oral pharynx, genital and rectal areas can be obtained. Minor skin/ mucosal trauma such as abrasions, lacerations, scars, petechia, focal edema, hymenal tear and anal fissures are more easily seen with magnifications.


Cryo surgery report


Cryo Surgery Reports with all details like which gas used, thaw cycle, ice ball creation & freezing.  A perfect cryo procedure under the high quality magnified vision of colposcope.


Statistical data representation with graph


You  can  segregate  the  desired data pertaining    to  patient  and  types  of  diseases  with  precision,  differentiation  and classification.


Multiformat 1-2-3-4 images diagnosis report


Multi-format reports can be generated with all comments and   details   pertaining to colposcopy procedure. Reports can be saved as well as emailed. 


HAMMOND graph (biopsy graph)


It facilitates to mark an area according to your finding and observations found on the cervix. A biopsy place can easily be marked for further observation. 


Marking and highlighting


Marking and highlighting of any abnormality seen on the cervix. Thus one can highlight any region of interest in report, found during colposcopy procedure.