Full HD Video Colposcope

Full HD Resolution lets you enjoy enhanced picture quality over standard definition with almost double the pixel resolution. The difference between High Definition picture quality and conventional standard definition is immediately noticeable.”


True to our reputation of being a leader in Video Colposcopy technology, our latest Full HD Video Colposcope features HD Video output and features outstanding resolution due to :


 FULL HIGH Definition     Normal Definition









  • Optimum High Definition (FULL HD) resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • The effective scanning line is 1080 which is more than twice the number in conventional SD format
  • 16:9 (Wide Screen Cinema) Aspect Ratio
  • Full HD Component output

For best results, use with Full HD Medical Grade Monitors (greater than 24 inches screen size) and Full HD Video recorders.


For detailed specifications and features, please contact us.